Monday, 7 March 2011

Spring Arrivals:New Fashion

As we all know that the lovely weather is on its way and people are on their, for new and latest fashion. Last year, when the skinny jeans was in fashion at the same time legging was also there. People who did not like to wear skinny jeans or may be different from jeans, they enjoyed in wearing leggings and shorts. I was wandering that everything and fashion caught a season and all kind of dresses had introduced now what would be in the fashion next????

But soon I got the answer by knowing that the fashion is not changed but in this summer,it's gonna repeat by introducing the 70's Flair. I saw this flair trouser in many shops but I remember that for the first time I saw it in H&M. Honestly, I really like this old style which is now popular for the new generation. I have taken the image of trouser from H&M which speaks itself.
I think it is going to popular and people loving dress because it has its uniqueness, in the sense that the figure is more prominent in a decent style. Some of the girls say they'll use tight top and some of them say for top with flair sleeves. But in my opinion the tight tops suits better with this kind of trouser, because when you are going to focus something make sure that the specific thing is focused rather you are focusing the both and the both look dull in front of each other. I think fashion is not something always to adapt but this is something which suits you.

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