Thursday, 3 February 2011

cold weather.

Few days ago, I went to City to hang up myself with my family, but it was so cold and even something next to cold.I forgot to enjoy and was then in hurry to go back. But still we stayed there for long. I visited many shops there and found very much fashionable dresses.I am desperately waiting for summer because I have many plans for that season...

But honestly, in such weather I was not intend to wear my favorites because I am bit lazy to do all that.I was completely covering myself  from head to toe and even my forehead:P some of my pics are not as much good as I expect,in fact, in such cold weather one can not be harsh with oneself but can only display Coats, wearing to cover:) If u look at my face You 'll find me looking strange.

I am hoping that you will suggest me to do something different in order to cover my self but at the same time I want to look myelf  in style,but as I told you, in cold, I am bit lazy.I want You to tel me  what you do when you are in my place?????????????

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