Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Hello Everyone,
 I am Tia and recently I have joined this place where i 've found a new world of Blogs.I was keen interested in blog writings because I thought I should do something instead of sitting idol at home, all the time.In this connection my Love supported me and the main person who helped me, is Sherin. She actually guided me and told me to join and write.
Well,as I told u guys that I have no work to do means no job now a days, so free time to write:) But I will be writing when I'll get a job because I thing this is good way to enhance my writing skills.Moreover,I would be in touch with her for more information and many other things.In these days, I am going to take class every Monday and Thursday at JAN near Alexandra palace.I met new people and come across with their new Languages which are really interesting in listening.I think it is enough for today:)

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