Thursday, 24 February 2011

Eye Make up for Kitchen

Today I had to cook because I invited my Aunt's family. She cooks really nice food whenever I go to her place, so I'm always nervous when I cook for her. I made some spaghetti, garlic bread and fried chicken for them. All the things were ready beforehand, apart from the chicken which I had to fry at lunch. I changed my dress and put on some make up. But still I had some chores to do, so I just darkened my eyes with the Black Eye pencil by Maybelline.
It was my first time that I used this pencil before going to the kitchen. Everything was good and perfect and I admired by my guests :)

I was also afraid because of my eye pencil. I've used other pencils, which spread around my eyes so I have to rub them harshly. So I thought that the same thing would happen again. I did everything that I had to do in their presence. We talked and laughed for long time and then we had tea together. By this time I was almost forgot about my black eyes and whether the pencil had spread. After finishing the work I checked in the mirror and was really surprised to see that it hadn't spread nor it was disappeared from my eyes.

I realized that I'd used a new eyeliner which  my husband bought for me from superdrug few days ago. I hadn't used it before because I thought it'd be like my other one but this is really good and long lasting. I liked it very much and I am waiting to go somewhere so I can wear the liner again.

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