Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Amazing stuff.

When some one is going to buy a gift for me, I always very keen to know what is it???? I believe all the girls are like me, and they always want to know. 
Well, my husband gave me a present and I knew that he is going to buy but still I was very much intend to know before he gave it to me. He knows what are my choices and what I love most. So, he gave me this beautiful gift which is full of with different things I love most.

I love such things, I really do not have any idea why I like such stuff? My skin is not too much dry nor oily, its normal but I still feel that I should have all such things. I have used all these things and believe me it is really nice to use them. The most amazing thing is this box is the shower gel which is on right side in this picture. 
I usually buy such things from boots and superdrugs, but this is the first time I used from Marks and Spencer. I used to buy hand lotion only but never bought the full set like this, so I found it very nice and it's fragrance is amazing as well. There is a shower gel, body lotion, hand and nail cream, body cream a soap and hand lotion. I like this stuff as its amazing and I would recommend you to buy it.xx

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